Touchcon Presents Smart QR Code for Mining Cryptocurrency Platform

Mining / 13 September, 2019

Touchcon explained that the initial version of Touchcon, version 1. 0, which was released last April 2018, only focused on the development of the Mining and Airdrop platform randomly through the patented QR Code. However, through the efforts of the research team and developers, the Touchcon Foundation is now launching the improved version of Touchcon 2. 0 on December 26, 2018. KWITANGKOST

There are three stages of technology development that are presented in the version of Touchcon 2. 0. First, Touchcoin has been presented which can be used as gas from the Touchcon platform which is obtained by random mining through O2O( Online to Offline) market advertisements. In the second stage, it provides a platform that supports all transparent and fair mining of Altcoin( Alternative Coin) and Airdrop.

Then in the third stage, scalability was expanded to include big informasi analysis technology, namely by matching user databases and scan informasi used for Angkatan darat(AD) Scan through Mining and Airdrop for the first time in the cryptocurrency world.

” In the fourth industrial revolution, big informasi has attracted the attention of people in the world as a source of technology for most of the core technologies, including artificial intelligence( AI). For the first time in this industry, the Touchcon platform shows big informasi that combines cryptocurrency and O2O( Online to Offline) Angkatan darat(AD) Marketing,” explained Touchcoin.

Users can unduh Touch Scan to mine TOC( TouchCoin). In TOC mining, users nomor longer need a computer device that consumes a lot of electricity which can cause global warming. User informasi that participates in Mining and Airdrop through Smart QR Code scanning on smartphone owned by the user will be collected and stored for use in big informasi analysis. This will expand the effect of big informasi analysis through cryptocurrency mining and airdrop.

Specifically, all Touchcon informasi analysis results will be open source. It is also hoped that this can be applied to all Altcoin( Alternative Coin) in order to increase public trust in conducting mining and mining in transparent and equitable cryptocurrency.