What Will Be the Biggest Achievement of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin / 13 September, 2019

There is a lot of pressure on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is forced to do well by the media, in the light and hopes and dreams of all of us. If Bitcoin doesnt work well, we end up disappointed, when Bitcoin does it well, we can turn out to be quite happy. So, the question we want the answer too, what will be the biggest achievement of Bitcoin?

What will be the moment of Bitcoin victory? Why did he win an Oscar and more importantly, when will it happen? For me, the most important thing for Bitcoin is of course adoption.

Yes, Bitcoin reaching$ 100, 000. 00 will be a remarkable achievement, but ultimately adoption of Bitcoin seems to be the most attractive prospect. The day we can use Bitcoin to buy our food or shop, or to buy new gadgets on Amazon, that is the day we will see Bitcoin reach peak performance. PUSATBOLA

Why is that? Well, Bitcoin is important and is an active figure in the development of our society that is more environmentally friendly and more decentralized. With Bitcoin, there is nomor further need for FIAT at the moment, nomor need for banks, nomor need for anyone to have a financial grip on us as a society. So, Bitcoin that reaches the highest score may be great, but its ability to create freedom is far greater.