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1. Register for Free

Come be a part of the new and thrilling world of Bitcoin. Compete against fellow miners and make a profit with MultiMine.

2. Purchase Miner

Purchase your digital share of our bitcoin mining cloud. We offer generous and sustainable ROI.

3. Investment Plans

We also offer custom flexible investment plans for up to 360 days. Earn up to 3.65% Daily.

4. Withdraw Earnings

All earnings generated are added to your account balance in real-time. Withdraw your funds anytime!

Sustainable and Profitable
Cloud Mining and Investing

MultiMine strives to deliver maximium and sustainable profits to our users.

Free mining

All users receive a free miner upon registration, so you can start out making profits without investing a penny!

20% referral earnings

Refer your friends to MultiMine to receive a 20% affiliate bonus on every purchase they make!



We even allow you to buy an auto-claimer to automatically claim your earnings every hour. No need to worry about being online all the time!

Fast payouts

Funds are sent almost immediately after making a withdrawal from your MultiMine account. We don't mess around.

Custom Built and Easy To Use Platform

Our investment platform is custom built from the ground up to offer an easy to use experience.

Advanced Statistics Tracking

Detailed Statistics

We offer a detailed statistics and historic graphs so you can keep precise track of your investments and earnings. Full detailed history for earnings, deposits, investments, and everything is available within our dashboard.

24/7 Support Team

Lightning Fast Support

Every Multimine user will have access to our Lightning Fast Support team who is available on standby 24/7 throughout the year. Even on holidays you can expect a fast response for any help you may require from us. Contact us via e-mail or helpdesk.

Payments sent in less than 2 minutes

Quick Payments

Our system is built to be fast and efficient. Payments are sent out in under 2 minutes time. Our system is automatic and is compatible with any web wallet or desktop wallet applications.

Custom Built Security

Industrial Grade Security

Multimine was custom built from the ground up. All of our servers are DDOS protected. We offer two-factor authentication for additional security to protect your account and funds.

Flexible Investing Options

We offer two main investing options: Hashrate Rental and Investment Plans

Option #1

Miner/Hashrate Rental

Rent miners or hashrate generated from our pool of miners in our cloud. We offer our members heavily discounted rates on our bulk volume of hashrate as a profitable investment. Watch your miners generate earnings in real time.

Option #2

Flexible Investment Plans

Earn competitive interest rates for up to 365 days per contract. You can choose how much you want to invest and for how long. The interest rates are based on your invested pricipal amount. Earnings are also awarded in real-time.

Flexible Investment Plans

Earn competitive interest on your Bitcoin by investing in our flexible investment plans. These investment contracts act as bitcoin mining contracts but offer you the flexibility of choosing how much you want to invest and for how long. You may have multiple investment contracts for additional flexibility.

  • Multi I
  • Our introductory contract. Get started with a minimal amount with competitive interest. Easy to get started!
  • Invest 0.01 - 0.49 BTC
  • Earn 1.65% Interest Daily
  • Contract Up to 180 Days
  • Real-Time Earnings
  • Withdraw Daily
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Get Started
  • Multi III
  • Our most popular investment plan. Offering a high but sustainable interest rate for those who want to invest more.
  • Invest 2.0 - 4.99 BTC
  • Earn 2.75% Interest Daily
  • Contract Up to 180 Days
  • Real-Time Earnings
  • Withdraw Daily
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Get Started
  • Multi IV
  • Our current highest investment contract offering. This plan offers the highest interest rate from our catalogue.
  • Invest 5+ BTC
  • Earn 3.65% Interest Daily
  • Contract Up to 180 Days
  • Real-Time Earnings
  • Withdraw Daily
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Get Started

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