Get to know the concept of Bitcoin Mining / Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin / 8 September, 2019

The concept of Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin mining is a process of mathematical calculation performed on the Bitcoin network. Website KWITANG KOST Terpercaya , As you well know, Bitcoin runs in an online system, and the purpose of the mathematical calculation is to verify bitcoin transactions that are on the Internet. By doing this verification, a bitcoin miner will get a new block in the Bitcoin network that contains a number of new and can be taken Bitcoin. That’s where a Bitcoin miner will get Bitcoin for himself. The more processes of verification and pemenuan new blocks, the more that can be mined bitcoin. Got it?

Then how does someone verify and find new blocks in the Bitcoin network? just like us who want to open a word file or mp3 file, Bitcoin mining also works the same way. But when we enter the bitcoin network, the process will be much tougher because computers are required to open data that has been protected with a strict security system. Therefore in doing Bitcoin mining, having a device with high specifications is an obligation.

Various Stages of Bitcoin Mining
Looking at the history of the development of bitcoin mining, the activity was first carried out by relying on one computer hardware device, the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Previously armed with a computer with a good CPU, someone was able to do mining. But now with a bitcoin security system that has been upgraded, the CPU mining system is no longer reliable.